Friday, June 1, 2007

Random Blogger Observation

Having read my fair share of blogs, Ive noticed that bloggers fall into 3 distinct patterns when it comes to interacting with their readers.

Without further ado. They are:

1) The Professor
This type of blogger interacts with his reader by giving reasons, judgements, and links. All bloggers do this to some extent, but it is peculiarly salient with the Professors. A good example would be Randall Parker at A vague fuzzy subset of this type would be the blogger who doesnt interact with the reader much at all, preferring, for various reasons, to mostly stick to writing main posts. Good examples I guess could be Fred Reed and Steve Sailer.

2) The Diplomat

This type of blogger replies to most comments, and at least once to each commenter. Agree with the commentator or not, the blogger is respectful and acknowledging of what the commentator is saying. In a word, Nice. An example would be The Audacious Epigone.

3) The Warrior

This type of blogger tries to get into a spirited argument with commentators. Usually disagrees, and invites disagreement. This is not to say they are dismissive of commentators, but there is little pussyfooting around, and they tend to shunt the comments section towards their notions, via flat out statements, rather than have a dispassionate organic growth thereof. An example would be LuboŇ° Motl.

I think I fall in the Warrior Section. How about you? :)


Audacious Epigone said...

Heh, well, civility is something I do try to foster on atmosphere of. Although that picture is hardly becoming!

MensaRefugee said...

I wasnt going to search the net for more than 15 seconds for a good pic. :)