Sunday, September 13, 2009


I do not blog anymore, partially because after it slowly dawned on me that feminism is the basic cause of the downfall of civilization, current and of times past, it became rather hard to talk about other things that lead themselves to comments and analysis (e.g Government, Taxes, Race, Economics etc)

Talking about feminism just ain't my bag. But there are lots of places where its regularly discussed. For one example:

So, if anyone is reading this, a small update about

Before, to access the articles I put online, you had to go to

But it seems Box closed down its "public" system. So if you want to access any articles you have to go to

Ive only put the Devlin articles back up. But if I see a few people downloading it (proof that its still of use) then Ill upload the other ones as well (Devlin Audio, Sex and Culture book etc).

See you around guys.