Wednesday, December 27, 2006

On Christmas

The Christmas cheer has come and gone...

But there is an article that EVERYONE should read on christmas- read it yourself, tell your friends, tell your family... tell the hippie socialist druggie down the street.

In defense of Scrooge

Was old scrooge really that bad? Or did he have strong and valid points in his favour. Its unnatural to think about it, but theres a whole sphere of human interaction that the human mind is simply not geared to understand - except on an intellectual level.

This leads people to belittle others who, quite frankly, are wiser and better at creating a better world than they are. It also is the backbone of the contention (and quite rightly too) that many 'liberals' and other 'do-gooders' are simply out
for their own self-aggrandization.

AKA they are being selfish - and in a distastefully extreme way at that!

Will expand on this point in my next post.

On Blogging

Even though this blog is absolutely new...Im considering shutting it down.

Blogging is hard work. One has to present a point of view that is reasoned and well thought out... for issues that one already believes in. Its like having to go through the whole process of creating our own opinions all over again - for someone elses benefit.

Will leave it open for now...but the future is uncertain

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Wii Madness

Seems the New Nintendo Game System - The Wii is flying off the shelf;title;0

Ditto the PS3, though it seems the Wii has the upper-hand.

The question is - Why?

Lets have a look-see why NOT to buy a gamesystem.

1) PCs are faster, more flexible and with the new LCD monitors - about the same size as a Console.

Theres nothing a Console can do that a PC cannot do better. Heck for those so inclined, you can get a raft of games free (illegally) on the PC, but not on a console.

The Pc has its own flagship titles, except its not thought as such. Nintendo has Zelda and Mario, Xbox has Halo and PS3? Er...Im sure they have something too.

BUT, the PC has DOOM3, Call of Duty, the Gothic series, QuakeWars, C&C, Rise of Nations, SupremeCommander...the list goes on and on.

The new consoles, especially at start - is so expensive that its the same cost as a low end PC (which incidently has better graphics)

2) And secondly - Why not WAIT and buy a console AFTER the initial rush that drives up prices? How does it really matter if youre a few weeks/months late? Trying to impress your friends? You get to do that later on if you so wish by being the first on the block to get whatever the latest game is anyway. Why not save a hundred bucks?

(I seriously doubt that the sales are all driven by parents buying for their kiddies thereby making price less material a factor).

So the question remains - WHY?

I fear for the human race...

Monday, November 27, 2006

My first Post

Well, everyone else has a blog. Why not me?

With that thought started this blog. I dont know if it will be a success or failure. Regular posts or not. Lets wait and see.

So what will this blog be about?

This blog will cover topics related to the biggest taboo in the Western World today - Intelligence.
Oh yes, it will go over a lot of other things as well - politics, history, literature etc. But the real reason to remain safely anonymous is race and intelligence. It can get you into a lot of hot water.

This is not to say that other topics that interest me will be ignored. Far from it as this blog will represent my views of the world.

So in closing, Welcome dear Reader! May you enjoy your stay!