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From the inimitable mind of Rob Fedders

The whole article is worth reading too. Its worthwhile to spend a lazy weekend reading his blog.

Saturday, January 13, 2007
From the Comments...
Two anonymous posters left comments to my post titled “The Big Lie” which I will address here rather than in the comments area, for I imagine this will be a long post, as is always the case when one tries to untwist the deceit that feminism has wrought upon society with their supremacist cultural Marxist ideology.


Anonymous 12:10pm said:

"ok there, you may want to watch your words, because by acting as an asswhole you are only lowering yourself to the level of those so called modern feminists. Yes you read this properly, i do mean modern feminism. Unlike you, i am am woman, and like you i despise modern feminism. I have never studies feminism so i can't really say whether there are or aren't different kinds of feminism, but you can't deny the fact that different types of feminism did actually exist throughout modern recent history (100 to 200 years ago). I mean, as much as i despise modern feminists, lets face the fact that the first "feminists', called the suffragettes, did a wonderful work, and eventually did bring the right of vote to women and equality in our western societies. It is the modern feminists that have lost their goals and their minds. We have to be careful here not to mix both, since the first "feminists" did bring equality, the modern feminists destroyed it. There is no more equality, neither for men, neither for women. It is a full blown war where in the end we both lost and still loosing, to the point where we both become slaves to a society runed by by multinational corporations. Think about it, there is no winner, neither women, neither men. We are both suffering from this and refusing to see it.

There is no point, for any man, to lower himself to the level of those modern feminists and act as a bunch of idiots like they do. If you are that bright, fight them in smarter ways, above their level. Be smarter than they are, go ahead in stopping this stupid war and rebuilt an actual equalitarian society. Show those feminists how stupid and wrong they are, through positive action. Do not spit back at them, since it is only proving their point, which we do not want, since we know those feminists are crazy. There is no point in responding the hatered by hatered.

Act in a smart and positive way. Humans can be stupid, good, evil, intelligent, etc, no mater what sex they belong to. yes it may take time, a longer time, or shorter time to achieve these goals, depending on how ell you men use your resources, and yes there are some or many women out there who support you, in the same way some men claim to be feminists. Find them and ask them their opinions, and their support.

Forget anger and revenge. choose love and forgiveness, the only way to fight hatred, yes it may sound idealistic, but agin you can't fight hatered with hatered, if you do not like my propositions, think of something better. good luck, but coose the right path into dealing with this, to you or any male activist."

The official reply from No Ma'am:

OK, first of all, there is no point in a woman leaving comments about “asswholeness” and then going on with shaming talk about how men are supposed to behave on-line. The shame tactics immediately employed by women are despicable and annoy many a man. All but the most mangina-fied of men ARE SICK TO DEATH OF IT! Many of the older generation of men floating around online have been opposed to feminism since the 60’s and 70’s, and one thing that is apparent is: Men have been trying to take the high-ground in their dealings with feminism for decades AND IT GETS THEM NOWHERE! If you only knew how many women I have gently discussed issues with, only to get NOWHERE with them in the end. Ultimately, it is becoming painfully evident that women really don’t care about men’s plight and certainly don’t want to bother with such annoying things as “justice.” Women really only get concerned about men when they realize that something a man does or doesn’t do affects women. For the rest, women really just don’t care.
An example would be the looming “man tax” that feminism has been pushing with their Marxist agenda. Most women will readily agree with this and think it is a good idea, to even out the wage gap that they so falsely believe in. But, then if you explain to them that “man tax” will lower their husband’s (primary breadwinner) pay, and therefore his wife and children will have less money – then women will be opposed to it. Never does it seem to occur to women that the whole notion of “man-tax” or its partner, affirmative action, are horribly unjust. Nope, the injustice doesn’t bother the ladies… what bothers the ladies is if some action taken against men affects her in some way. This is a theme that is coming out time and time again. Have a look at many of the women that are getting involved in the Father’s Rights Movement. Why are most of them there? Not because they believe men’s rights are being trampled, but rather because they are grandmothers who can’t see their grandkids due to a divorcing wife – or they are a second wife who is complaining that the first wife is draining her family’s resources. It is truly an anomaly to find a woman speaking up for men solely for the sake of justice because 99.9% of the time it is all about her.
We men have tried to be nice, we have brought forth good, solid, logical discussions advocating for our cause… and do you know what we get in return… ***crickets chirping***… yeah, 40 years of men being “nice” and trying to take the high ground got them in a worse situation than where they were before.
So, anonymous, please stop imposing your self declared sense of female moral authority on men. It is insulting. Just because it bothers you that you, as a woman, are starting to see men treat women the same way that women have been treating men, doesn’t give you any justification for running around and decrying that men cannot fight hatred with hatred. Nope, can’t fight guns with guns, eh? Where were you for the last 40 years when feminists were calling for the steady erosion of men’s rights based on hatred? What did you say when all your girlfriends were sniggering over Bobbit jokes? Do you lecture your lady friends on their blatant display of hatred towards men when they chuckle at men getting raped in prison?
You have my permission to impose your moral authority on your female counterparts, but after 40 years of blatant hatred against men, it is really rich for a woman to come here and give a shaming lecture like this. What’s next, are you going to tell the Jews that they should treat Nazis with kindness, because that is the only way? The next time you see a “Take Back the Night” march to end violence against women and children; will you step out and lecture those women for promoting falsities and hatred towards men? If not, then what gives you the moral authority to lecture any man about anything on how they should behave?
Hate bounces. Get used to it.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dissimulation: The essense of Liberalism and Feminism.

They encounter “the wall,” the need to accept patriarchal
socialization and behave like ladies, as boys must behave like gentlemen.
The mother daughter revolution is a rebellion against this. Psychologist
Dr. Joyce Brothers’ has quoted Janie Ward page 130 as saying that one factor enabling black girls to resist “the wall” might be that black girls
are surrounded by strong women they admire.”

Also, Ward said,
many black parents teach their youngsters that there’s nothing wrong with them, only the way the world treats them.

Ms. Ward calls the mothers “parents” and calls the daughters
“youngsters.” Why the attempt at gender neutrality? To disguise that
sons receive a very different treatment, that sons are not surrounded by
strong men they admire, that the socialization of daughters to feel good
about themselves has a price for the sons, who feel less good about
themselves, who feel marginalized, as their fathers have been
marginalized in order that their mothers and sisters may feel good about
themselves. This difference, inconspicuous, seemingly minor, lies at the
heart of the female kinship system and the failure of the ghettos to
advance into patriarchy. In the ghettos the Mother Daughter Revolution
is complete. The strong black women admired by their daughters (and
by white feminists including Dr. Brothers) have succeeded in making the
ghetto what it is by reducing their men to the status of studs who, when
their women tire of them, can be told to get lost.
- from 'The case for Father Custody' by Daniel Amneus Ph.D

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When I heard that Audio that I added to my share...I also did some random googling, and came up with this Gem of a blog :

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NOTE: As a positive ad hominem, the author is a (lesbian) woman.

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