Thursday, March 29, 2007

Are Asians uncreative?

In comments to a recent post, TabooTruth mentioned in passing that E.Asians are uncreative. Seemed like a good topic for a new post.

Briefly put, Im agnostic about the whole E.Asians are not creative jazz. It might be true, then again it might not.

Seeing how I'm not a scientist, I wont attempt to worry about things like Nobel Prizes as proof. Also, Ill give the case only for why they ARE creative. The case against is well known.

Sufficed to say, E.Asians were technologically ahead till about 1700. They had rockets, the printing press and superior engineering well before Europe. Meets my definition of "creative"

Also another point, while they never formalized their knowledge, it was all there. For eg. the principles of economics were all there before Adam Smith, but he is given credit (justly so), because he formalized it into a science. This, seem to me to be a paradox of whites being considered more creative for being more plodding and going in for inelegant structuring and drudgework.

Finally, look at the game world - Street Fighter 2, Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, virtually every RPG - all from Japan or Korea. These revolutionalized gaming and were very creative for their time.

Lets be clear: Im not saying whites are slouches either, to counter the last example - whites created all the FPS (First-Person Shooter) games - amazing stuff indeed, as any fan of John Carmack and idSoftware will readily attest.

The jury is still out as far as Im concerned.


Geoffrey Miller (author of "The Mating Mind") has a slightly technical paper on why he thinks E.Asians are creative here.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

China will be making Commercial Airliners soon..

China is thinking about making Aeroplanes!

When the Asians started making cars - we know what happened to the American Car industry. Not a week goes by without a News Story of poor oppressed overpaid Union Ford or GM workers being laid off.
When they started making Electronics - they took over the market and left the westerners making nothing. Now Westerners feed off the fat of the land and bray about human rights...

Now the Asians are making planes too...

The future is grim for the west unless it shapes up. Which means a lot of non-P.C things, like libertarianism.
* Which will leave Blacks without their happy monthly, courtesy of the government, welfare check..
* Which will mean an overhaul of the 'educational' system, which forces High IQ smart people to waste years (maybe a decade) of their time instead of zooming ahead at their own pace. And puts average IQ people on the educational Dole, and forces lower-IQ people to try and master knowledge that is clearly beyond their comprehension.
* Which will mean a lowering of feministic and liberal (okay okay, parasitic) values of "To each according to his needs"
* Which will mean a repeal of Griggs Vs Duke Power 1971

As the Chinese say, may we live in interesting times.