Thursday, March 22, 2007

China will be making Commercial Airliners soon..

China is thinking about making Aeroplanes!

When the Asians started making cars - we know what happened to the American Car industry. Not a week goes by without a News Story of poor oppressed overpaid Union Ford or GM workers being laid off.
When they started making Electronics - they took over the market and left the westerners making nothing. Now Westerners feed off the fat of the land and bray about human rights...

Now the Asians are making planes too...

The future is grim for the west unless it shapes up. Which means a lot of non-P.C things, like libertarianism.
* Which will leave Blacks without their happy monthly, courtesy of the government, welfare check..
* Which will mean an overhaul of the 'educational' system, which forces High IQ smart people to waste years (maybe a decade) of their time instead of zooming ahead at their own pace. And puts average IQ people on the educational Dole, and forces lower-IQ people to try and master knowledge that is clearly beyond their comprehension.
* Which will mean a lowering of feministic and liberal (okay okay, parasitic) values of "To each according to his needs"
* Which will mean a repeal of Griggs Vs Duke Power 1971

As the Chinese say, may we live in interesting times.


TabooTruth said...

The rise of China will alter the current ultra-PC environment in an incredible amount of ways. You hit on some.

1) The left can no longer blame the US and "white oppression," for the continuing failure of blacks and latin america to develop. They'll have to realize that
a) China controls things now and that
b) If China developed so quickly, why can't they?
c) If China's colonialization efforts in Africa continue, Africans will realize that the whites weren't the worst thing to happen to them.

2) There will be increasing pressure to make the US population as a whole, as competitive as possible. This will invariably mean changing immigration policy, as well as possible use of eugenics. HBD will have to be acknowledged as a major reality that has to be dealt with.

3) We will have to acknowledge the role of HBD in promoting free trade and the inability of the majority of the US population to move into high innovation industries that the Chinese (because of a lack of creativity) will still lack in. Free trade doesn't lead to oppression-it just simply exacerbates currently existing IQ disparities.

4) Eugenics and genetic engineering in China will put them so far ahead of us that the Christian right will have to abandon its fight against bio-engineering.

Rebecca Yu said...

East Asians don't have unions, race-based affirmative action and dumb people bogging them down.

And let's face it, they have slightly higher IQs than average. Over time, that is going to result in more productive and prosperous nations on average. How could it not?

Meanwhile, your average American here is busy living out childish fantasies of becoming the next K-Fed or Britney Spears... We have a C-student President who talks about "fuzzy math" and pronounces "nuclear" with 3 syllables. Due to our demographics and pop-culture influence - this society is headed more towards an Africanized than an Asian cultural model. In other words - a post-Katrina slum overrun with dumb breeders and their feral bastards.


LISP Dev said...

The American Auto Industry failed because of poor management and a lack of action. Asian Auto Companies like Toyota do not build cars in Asia..They build them right here in the US in US factories paying US Workers. Basically Ford and GM ignored the Asian Auto companies until it was to late. Now GM sifens money from Cheverolet in order to keep afloat a failing Saturn Company.
As far as your comment about "blacks" and welfare the African American minority is one of the most upwardly mobile groups in the US(thanks in part to Jewish Americans.) Also the most prominent group on welfare is not black people but poor white females. Let's not forget that this country was built on the internal colonilization of black slaves and the descendants of these slaves have only had equal rights for a mere generation and a half. Speaking of which how can you tabootruth say that "whites" are not the worst thing to happen to Africa?? Regardless of what China has done in the past couple years Euro-American colonization of Africa has ripped Africa of virtually ALL of its natural resources. This was after we enslaved them to build our own country.
You have to realize that the types of faults that you guys are seeing within these ethnic groups is part of cultural explanation theory but if you've studied any anthropology or sociology you'd see that solutions presented by cultural explanations are inadequate. Only structural explanations present adequate and proven solutions to problems. It's not black or latino people's fault for being poor it is the fault of the power structure which is and always has been run by white anglo-saxon protestants. Race itself is a made up word..There is nothing genetically that seperates a white person from an asian person from a black person. Race was invented during the early stages of colonization by westarn and northern Europeans in order to oppress Asians, Africans, and eastern europeans. It was also used as an excuse for slavery and for the genocide of the Native American population.

MensaRefugee said...

Wow... a liberal!