Thursday, July 31, 2008

Saving Blogs from "Be Good" Google Part Deux


This will save comments etc. But in xml feed, so its hardly easy to look through.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Saving Blogs from "Be Good" Google?

Recently, South Africa Sucks was taken down. Audacious Epigone asked how to archive 'em.
I *think* I found the answer. Just go to Google and type in "Website Downloader" or go to and do the same.

The most popular one, and the one I tested and used is Its absurdly simple to use assuming you arent interested in any advanced options (which you'll need for blogs?).

1) Download the proggie.
2) Install said proggie.
3) Read the Manual or just type
httrack "" -O "/tmp/" "+**" -v being the website.

-O meaning Output to, and /tmp/ being the place on your Hard Disk where you want it saved.

+** tells the program to not download from anywhere but

I tried this on some websites I read often and it saved them without much trouble. But with blogs the problem is :-
1) The comments section is https://
2) The comments section is in, NOT under

However this shouldnt be a problem because all blogs have their unique identifier. Anyone out there willing to read through the manual and see if we can save blogs in their totality (AKA including comments pages) with this program?

P.S You can get the blog by typing in the URL Bar.
And Comments by typing
1000 there. (But its not a proper solution because the comments are timelined, so not necessarily in order of postings).

Monday, July 21, 2008

Devlin again...sorta.

Seems 2blowhards got un-pc Devlin fever recently.

Im glad people are reading those articles.

Nothing to add here really. However Devlin has another article out, not much new to say, and Id say its his mildest yet - but hey after 3 long hard hitting articles - how can there be much left to say?

Third (or 6th) parter to the new article.

UPDATE 2: Its on Roissey, apparently a well read blog as well. And an interesting link in the comments sections. And another.

P.S For all the people who tried to add me as a Friend on, dont be annoyed that I didnt accept (Im rather flattered really), or accepted and cancelled. doesnt work properly (didnt let me update the Read Me file) and Im just not that Internet active anyway.

Part n Tyler Cowen, has taken the unusual step of calling Devlin evil. Laughable really, probably punctured some bubble of his somewhere, so the big guns of ad hominem came out (or, to be charitable, maybe it was the only way to link to such a disgustingly unfashionable article in a "high-class" blog?).

As an aside, its funny how many feel the need to speculate about Devlin's Love life. Probably an outgrowth of the male trait, or desire, to put down other males, so said male can have more females to himself. Oops! There I go speculating again! Naughty naughty Mensarefugee!