Monday, February 26, 2007

Hush-hush as usual.

Over at Ilana Mercer's Blog the brave author has a post about the stellar levels of crime in the New South Africa.

I posted a comment there that went something along the lines of
"African Blacks = IQ 70, the great unmentionable even by mercer standards.
(Not that I blame her, its a sure short-cut to obscurity)."

This eminently sensible, backed by reams of scientific evidence, bottom line, no-nonsense comment was swiftly deleted.

To quote one of Ilana's Quotables "In a truly free society, the kind we once enjoyed, one honors the right of the individual to associate and disassociate, invest and disinvest, speak and misspeak at will."—ILANA

Guess she doesnt believe in her own words.


Anonymous said...

Our elites who control the Internet are attempting to cleanse offending opinions or those contrary to their belief systems.

For example, I attempted top post an opinion opposing Charles Wheelan, Ph.D. 'The Naked Economist' at essay proposing open borders at Yahoo! Finance's popular "Experts" blog and had my posting deleted by the Yahoo censors.

The greater irony of their actions is that while Yahoo censors conservative opinion in the US, Yahoo China censors democratic
and liberal opinion in China. Reporters Without Borders say that Yahoo China is rated the worst offender when it comes to censorship, far ahead of MSN and Google.

BTW Here is a portion of my offending Yahoo post:
"America too can have Brazil's social inequities once we multiply Dr. Wheelan's unskilled lawn cutter by 30 million. In fact, he need only note the increase in crime, social inequality,and the collapse of services 'liberalized' labor markets have brought to Los Angles today compared to 30 years ago to understand the naivete of his thinking."

MensaRefugee said...

I can understand your frustrations completely.

We need to get back to a system where popular opinion is a driving force in politics and society or, even better, where freedom is institutionalized in society.

The distinction is important because making popular opinion the driving force is mobocracy (Democracy for the brainwashed). Its preferable to what we have now - rule by an elite. But the mob's flaws are glaring in and of itself. Indeed mob think leads to oppresive systems of elite control itself - as the History of the former Soviet Union or the current United States shows only too readily.

TabooTruth said...

Can't you also say that mob rule is somewhat impossible, that eventually the demagogue will have to ingratiate himself to the high-IQ sectors of society in order to stay in power?
Plenty of exceptions-Khmer Rouge, Mugabe, Mayor of Washington DC, Hugo Chavez

These relationships are not sustainable in the long run.

Which censorship is worse "China's government is oppressive," or "Africans are genetically unintelligent"?

Mens, its great that you exposed her hypocrisy. I think to some degree that the left cannot completely embrace reason and science due to its implications for racial differences.
How many of us HBD aware are there? I never see such comments on mainstream blogs. Is it because they are deleted or because there are so few of us?

MensaRefugee said...

Well judging from my experience, its about 50/50 for the ratio of comments deleted to what is simply not said.

Thing is, it IS rude to mention it. It is also not worth it. We can see the trouble it brings, but as long as it doesnt directly affect us - the psychic cost of talking about it is much greater on an individual level than any imperative to the truth.

After all, after someone states Blacks are dumb and/or criminal, he walks out and sees a black man walking down the street, or his neighbour is black etc etc.

This holds society hostage analogously to the frog who stays water, slowly heated, till it boils to death rather than jumps out.

Thing is, the problem doesnt go away - it festers. Polarization occurs. And then it boils over. When that happens there will be no room for rational discourse.

This particularly concerns me as I am non-white. Once polarization happens, people like me will be consigned to live with savages for no good reason.