Wednesday, December 27, 2006

On Christmas

The Christmas cheer has come and gone...

But there is an article that EVERYONE should read on christmas- read it yourself, tell your friends, tell your family... tell the hippie socialist druggie down the street.

In defense of Scrooge

Was old scrooge really that bad? Or did he have strong and valid points in his favour. Its unnatural to think about it, but theres a whole sphere of human interaction that the human mind is simply not geared to understand - except on an intellectual level.

This leads people to belittle others who, quite frankly, are wiser and better at creating a better world than they are. It also is the backbone of the contention (and quite rightly too) that many 'liberals' and other 'do-gooders' are simply out
for their own self-aggrandization.

AKA they are being selfish - and in a distastefully extreme way at that!

Will expand on this point in my next post.

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The Uhuru Guru said...

Hi Mensa

Good article on Scrooge, I fully agree. Keep going with the blog, agreed its hard work, but can be immensely gratifying once it takes off.