Monday, June 25, 2007

More Fred.

I do believe Fred Reeds' latest column is his angriest one yet.

Usually he alternates between what he really thinks, and obfuscation when it comes to 'things we all know to be true but dont state out loud'. And then rounds it off with a balanced summary. 'Balanced' being, once again, at least a hat-tip to what has become so pervasive - the air that we breathe so to speak - liberalism.

Of course the 'things we all know to be true but dont state out loud' refers to Feminism and Race, or more specifically Blacks and their genetic inferiority. Yes folks - GENETIC. Not poor deprivation, not racism, not even Sowell's 'culture'.

I actually do know some blacks (including a few friends), and no they arent smart. Not to mention always living for the moment with a voracious sexual appetite - which they get to exercise courtesy of the Welfare State - after all, without a sucker to pay for their rent and food - they might have to (horrors!) get a minimum wage job or starve. Not very sexy.

Well, back to Fred - this time around, he only did his trademark obfuscation at the end of his article, very little in the beginning or middle. Well worth a read.

Hmmm... maybe I should consider becoming an expat like Fred. I REALLY REALLY dislike the idea of the welfare state. Then again, learning a new language is a tough barrier
to cross.

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