Monday, June 25, 2007

Modern Day Irritants.


Normally I have not had much contact with them, so could not comment, save to point to some third party information regarding crime and such.

But the thing is, I enjoy playing FPS games online. They provide for nearly free, what just a decade ago would have been entertainment that people would shell out generously for. My favourite is Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. A free game, that you can get with a mere google search.

The oddest thing is when I play on servers that are mostly Spanish. I have to be very very careful not to speak a word of english. The moment I do, invariably, some low iq dickhead calls a kickvote on me and spams the server with the one word phrase "Gringo". Just as invariably, I get kicked within 20 seconds. Never mind that Im non-white, nevermind that it simply doesnt matter what is the color of your skin or what language you speak when you are playing an online game where you will never see your teammates for real.

Being a 'gringo' is enough for them to feel I shouldnt be there. No logic, no rationality, worse, no conception that it certainly wasnt any hispanics that created the game, or that all the canned TeamCommands are *in english*

Why the hate? Why the ethnocentrism? And why, oh why, are these intolerant losers flooding into the West?

P.S Aside from the rant, the game is probably the most strategic FPS on the market today, despite some dated graphics.


Anonymous said...

I'm assuming you're east or south Asian?

MensaRefugee said...

South Asian.

MensaRefugee said...

(The wily marmot posted a lame insinuating comment here)
To view more of his masturbatory ejections - see his blog here

the wily marmot said...

I didn't insinuate anything: I was merely pointing out evidence of widespread anti-semitic sentiment in Mexico. Did you follow the link I posted?

MensaRefugee said...

My apologies then.
I distinctly remember otherwise.

Known to be wrong.