Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cereal Killers

A recently evolved group of Isolationist Nerve cells in the Wernicke's Area are under fire from the general population of the Broca region, not to mention the topic of derisive but covert conversation among the generalized neuron population of the Frontal Cortex.

The crux of the matter centers around the supposed inactivity and parasitism of the Isolationist Wernicke's neurons. They counter this generalized hostility by claiming they are merely "doing the mental processing that other neurons wont do".

Right-Wing Extremists among the general population call this "nothing short of propaganda" and retaliate against the Isolationist neurons calling them "nothing more than a waste of scarce glutamine and glucose".

The Debate continues...

On this subject, it is clear that emotion circuitry has routed higher brain functions, by default in the Isolationists, and due to unverified causes among the population at large. All I can say on this topic is this.

Please note that this article bears no ill will to any neurons anywhere. We are all nucleui within our cell wall, trying to survive best we can. One organism under God!

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