Thursday, April 19, 2007

Duke lacrosse commentary

There is so much commentary on the Duke Rape case recently.
Conservatives are severely critical of Michael Nifong, the D.A

Thats true and laudable as far as that goes. But what about the bitch who screamed rape and furthermore has a history of doing similar things?

Why isnt she talked about? Why isnt her picture and name splashed over the media because its clear that she lied about the whole thing? She accused 20 people at first then watered it down to 3. That alone should have made the police disbelieve her story.

Rape is a horrible thing. But falsely accusing someone of rape is almost as bad in itself. The accused stand to lose their dignity and social respect, indeed their career and perhaps even their very lives in jail. What kind of a legal system doesnt clamp down on such an obvious imbalance of power?

Could it be because shes a Woman? Or because shes Black? Or both?


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