Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dissimulation: The essense of Liberalism and Feminism.

They encounter “the wall,” the need to accept patriarchal
socialization and behave like ladies, as boys must behave like gentlemen.
The mother daughter revolution is a rebellion against this. Psychologist
Dr. Joyce Brothers’ has quoted Janie Ward page 130 as saying that one factor enabling black girls to resist “the wall” might be that black girls
are surrounded by strong women they admire.”

Also, Ward said,
many black parents teach their youngsters that there’s nothing wrong with them, only the way the world treats them.

Ms. Ward calls the mothers “parents” and calls the daughters
“youngsters.” Why the attempt at gender neutrality? To disguise that
sons receive a very different treatment, that sons are not surrounded by
strong men they admire, that the socialization of daughters to feel good
about themselves has a price for the sons, who feel less good about
themselves, who feel marginalized, as their fathers have been
marginalized in order that their mothers and sisters may feel good about
themselves. This difference, inconspicuous, seemingly minor, lies at the
heart of the female kinship system and the failure of the ghettos to
advance into patriarchy. In the ghettos the Mother Daughter Revolution
is complete. The strong black women admired by their daughters (and
by white feminists including Dr. Brothers) have succeeded in making the
ghetto what it is by reducing their men to the status of studs who, when
their women tire of them, can be told to get lost.
- from 'The case for Father Custody' by Daniel Amneus Ph.D


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