Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tropa De Elite

This blog isnt much given to movie reviews, but this is one most probably wouldnt hear of otherwise.

Tropa De Elite is a semi-real account of the BOPE , or Special Police Operations Battalion in the city of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Basically Rio is a city under siege from its favelas. And the elite SWAT style BOPE pretty much keep things in check. The BOPE has such a selective entrance course, that supposedly, it takes as little as 3 in a hundred applicants - more selective than even the most selective of the Israeli Special Forces.

The story revolves around the First Assault Team's Captain in the BOPE, Captain Nascimento (pictured), and his assignment to clear a favela of dangerous elements in advance of the Pope's visit, as the Pope decided to sleep there. Also his need to find a replacement for his job as his first child will be born soon and the job is therefore too dangerous for a family man. And of course the two potential replacements, Neto who has the "heart for the job" , and the other, Matias, "who has the brains".

Brilliantly made, grittily realistic, based on a true story - and most probably, true .

Another good movie on the abject state of the Favelas is Ciudad De Dios (City of God)

Oh, and for anyone who does see Tropa De Elite, you'd see, Liberals arent only a problem in the United States and the West.

UPDATE April 18 Just saw Jose Padilha's Documentary Bus 174. If anything, it worth watching even more. Made completely from real footage and interviews.

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