Saturday, November 3, 2007

Nice lil 'Magic-Eye"

Does she move Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise for you? Clockwise for me.

Supposedly, if its clockwise, you are more right brained, and anti-clockwise, left brained. Click the link for a short list of what is associated with each.

Nice little brain tweaker from The Herald Sun


i*maginate said...

That's really freaky. At first I could not see anything but a clockwise movement, like yourself, but when I read the text in your post and looked up again I could only see an anti-clockwise movement and no matter how hard I tried to focus again, I could not see the clockwise movement! I guess that makes my brain neither left or right: quite worrying ;-)

Black Sea said...

Same as the comment above.

I've seen it as clockwise, and as counter-clockwise, at different times, but I can't switch back and forth in short time frames, nor can I deliberately control the visual perception switch, as you sometimes can, say with the well-know "old woman or young woman" sketch.

Perhaps I was born with a bifurcated brain.